Don’t Miss Our Fall Play!

The Crucible- Caroline Geiger
It’s 1692 and the town of Salem, Massachusetts is plagued with the impending crisis of the multiple children attaining an illness and one town run amuck by the rumors or witchcraft. Only it’s not. However, in the play, The Crucible, which will be performed by this year’s drama club, you will be none the wiser! You will feel like you are right there in the homes of people who are directly affected and perhaps the cause of the, now notorious, Salem Witch Trials. The drama club strikes again with another amazing production of a classic play that is brought to life by the wonderful acting of the students of Williamsville East High School.

The Crucible, in short, is the story of a group of girls who had galloped and danced all throughout the woods, both things of which were very much against their pious and strict religion of Puritanism. They did not stop there; however they went far beyond their capabilities and delved deep into their souls to conjure up a demon or evil spirit. The play tells the story of how the families of the girls, who are now falling extremely ill, will fight and bicker over whatever the cause of this so-called illness is. It focuses on the inconsistencies of the Salem witch trials and the extreme behavior that can result from dark desires and hidden agendas.
The play starts off with Reverend Parris, played by Sophomore Rami Daham, who is watching his unconscious child, Betty Paris (played by Alex Shapiro), lay extremely ill. After Rami’s Dazzling performance in last year’s play The Diary of Anne Frank we are excited to see what new artistry he has to bring to the table.
Other faces we are excited to see in this year’s play include senior Adam Kluge, a wonderful artist and performer, as he embarks on his last fall play as John Proctor, a farmer who is openly against going to church. We are also looking forward to the wonderful talent that includes Anthony Lafornara, Andy Pleasants, and Sydney Lewandowski, as they too undertake their final fall play.
Of course, we are equally as excited to see the new up and coming talent that weren’t broadcasted in last year’s play, Annabella D’Amico and Ethan Kahwaty who are sure to give quite an exhilarating performance that will be sure to keep us on our toes along with the rest of this marvelous cast. We are truly excited to see what the drama club will be offering and know that it is quite a rousing a show that you do not want to miss!
Be sure to watch out for how to buy tickets for the show on November 3rd and 4th!

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