Column: Ask Steph

Q: I’m stressed about science; my grades are fairly good but they don’t seem to be improving. What are some ways to improve my science grade? I’m in Earth Science and my teacher is a lot of help, but my grades are just remaining the same.
A: Science seems to be challenging for some people whether you are in Earth Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, or an AP science. The best thing to do would be to talk to your teacher and see if they can review with you. Make sure to ask a lot of questions! It is also good to find a certain method on studying that works for you. Some people like to rewrite their notes while others just like to read them over. The important thing is to find out what works best for you. It depends on the class, however; according to senior Theresa Meosky, “[you should spend] a lot of time [studying] for AP classes. The best thing to do is read the textbook since there’s a lot of material that can’t be covered in class.”

Q: When is a reasonable time to start buying prom dresses and what do I do if I don’t want to spend a lot on money?
A: You can never start looking too early. It’d be a good idea to start looking soon, so it’d be easier to find one you like. If you have an older sister or cousin you could borrow their dress; one of my friends has decided to do this. You could try to only bring a certain amount of money or only look at dresses within an established price range so you aren’t tempted to spend more. Great places to search for a reasonably priced dress include the sale section of Macy’s and Lord and Taylor (in store is best because there is a lot of inventory not shown online), the outlet mall (there’s a wonderful BCBGMaxAzria outlet with a large selection of dresses under $100), and the internet ( is a great site where you can put a certain price range, like $50 and under, $100 and under, etc.). Additionally, many people have stated that they have found great steals at Plato’s Closet and Goodwill, if you are willing to find something original and vintage!

Q:I’m always stressed or worried about something even if it’s not school-related… I was wondering how you handle this kind of thing, I want the nerve-wracking feeling in the pit of my stomach to go away.
A: The best thing to do when you’re stressed out is to avoid thinking about it. I try to think about all the good things that have happened during the week. If you’re not having the best week, then think about all the good things that have happened to you in general. You could do a lot of things to get your mind off of it, like homework, reading a book, or watching a movie. If it happens to cross your mind and you find yourself getting really stressed out again, take a deep breath and relax. Just because you’re having a bad day or even a bad week doesn’t mean the next few days will also be bad. If it’s something school related, just study hard and do your best. What’s important is that you tried your best even if you didn’t do as well as you please.  My best advice is to try not to think too much about it and stay positive.


Q: I need to change up my life. What do you suggest?
A: It honestly depends what you’re up for. You could join a new club (Newspaper Club is a great one), try a new sport, or even about take some different electives next year. It’s good to keep an open mind and try new things. Not only may you find something that you’re interested in but you might just meet some new friends along the way. If you really don’t want to join a new club or sport, you could try doing something new with your friends instead of staying at home. Summer will be here before you know it and there are a lot of fun things that you can do during that time.


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