Ukraine in Distress

Ukraine in Distress

This week, a new wave of protests over the current government have erupted in Ukraine.
In one day, 25 people have died, and most of the protesters are armed with homemade weaponry.  Riot police have been for days trying to push them out of central Kiev, to no avail.  

The people want closer ties to multiple world powers, including the US and Russia.  These reforms could lead to an increase in economic strength, but would weaken ties with Russia, who currently holds most trade deals. However, the Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych stopped the long awaited deal in exchange for a 15 billion dollar bailout from Russia.  

Vitali Klitschko, a leader in the protests, has resolved to not to leave Independence Square in Central Kiev until the reforms are instituted.  The protesters are digging in, and it will be extremely hard for the riot police to hold them back.  Attempts to demolish the barricades were met with molotov cocktails and rocks.  Police have been unable to fight the people in the square, and a molotov cocktail factory has formed to supply the front lines.  

This protest has turned from a peaceful demonstration to something that more resembles a civil war;  People are dying, both fighting for independence, and everyone knows they are right.  Russia has strong ties with South and East Ukraine, but the more liberal Kiev wants badly needed reforms.

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